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52 Weeks, 52 Caregivers!

Description: "52 Week, 52 Caregivers!" Spectrum Mother is showcasing caregivers and their stories during and post-pandemic. 52 weeks of 52 caregivers' stories and shares! Here are the feature questions to get to know you. This is a 52 part or weekly series created by Selina Davis - Founder of Spectrum Mother & Insights. The intention is to hear from 52 individual caregivers (1 per week) over the next year on a weekly basis. You, as a caregiver, whether it was parenting, caring for your business or otherwise, YOU will be recognized for your insights, stories, and wisdom that you share. We will celebrate and share in the community of Spectrum Mother. WE ALL PROVIDE CARE IN SOME WAY TO SOMEONE even ourselves. This is ALL ABOUT YOU!!!! Please fill out the fields below. Again this series is "All About You" and what you do. Don't be shy. If you do not want to answer please type "N/A" or type "SKIP."

This series will be written and shared in blog form. I am thinking about also sharing your feature in other ways. Would you prefer video and/or audio option in addition to written responses? *
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Project "52"

Join the upcoming Project "52"

Share your caregiving story with Selina Davis, Founder of Spectrum Mother. "52 Weeks, 52 Caregivers!" will feature stories of caregiving.

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Spectrum Mother offers a safer space dedicated to helping and supporting Mom & Women+ Caregivers reclaim control of their time, business, career, health & life as you are providing exceptional caregiving to your loved ones with needs beyond typical. Visit our virtual spaces on Facebook, Instagram, and here on Linked-In.

This project is free to participate in and at-will. Stories will be shared in Spectrum Mother blogs and on Substack and on Patreon. 

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