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About Spectrum Mother Events Hub 

Strong As A Mother Virtual Respite Retreat welcomes you to shine light on the women in your life: an awesome friend, sister, mentor, teachers, therapist, assistant, daughter, mother, grandmother, aunt, caregiver etc!  Invite them to connect together with you in virtual sacred space.  Together we will form an inter-generational spectrum and circle of epic proportions!

Strong As A Mother Virtual Respite Retreat is a Women+ gathering to reflect, to connect, and to create intentions and respite opportunities for mother and women+ caregivers.  Lead by a cisgendered woman and mother, for women+ recognizing that this is a time for us to rise together.

Spectrum Mother facilitates and shares events that are recommended for women-identifying bodies ages 13+ and beyond! Spectrum Mother is open to ALL bodies, regardless of a person's race, class, ability, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Cost an issue? No worries. PWYC* Policy and Offering:
We are a community and can help support. We know folks are struggling right now, so we are happy to offer sliding scale and pay-what-you-can* options to make events more accessible. All contributions will help Spectrum Mother continue offering programming throughout the year, furthering our mission of connecting mother and women+ caregivers around the world with transformative experiences.